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With Spring right around the corner, we know our adventure seeking friends are itching to get out their homes and out on the road. So, we’ve made a list of some of the best Hill Country roads for y’all. Make sure your vehicle is ready for whatever you encounter out there by bringing it into Black Jack before you set out on your adventure. 


  • Hog Alley: Coming in at less than a mile, this trail is located in Adventure Falls Off-Rroad Park. Even though it is a shorter road, the location of the park is near Marble Falls Texas, so there is much more than just open road to enjoy. Keep in mind that if you’re planning on visiting after rain, there are several mud holes that fill with water but all except one have bypasses. So be prepared in that case to traverse 18 inches of water (which is where a solid lift kit would come in handy). https://www.onxmaps.com/offroad/trails/us/texas/hog-alley 


  • Miller Access Trail: This trail is perfect for any beginner off-roader. Coming in at three miles, this trail is short and sweet. It takes you through Lyndon B. Johnson National Grassland and can be accessed by 1655 County Road and Gossett-Foster Road. Miller Access can be completed with any car with suitable ground clearance for small rocks and bumps.



  • Rivers and Ribeyes: This trail is perfect for anyone looking for a longer trail with fun stops in between. Rivers and Ribeyes  is 61.8 miles and usually takes about two hours. But there are so many things to stop and do within those two hours. For example, the Castell General Store’s BBQ and Rib Eyes is located along the trail, earning the trail its name. After eating, you can always relax at the Leifeste campground, where you can do some paddling along the river waters.



No matter what your next adventure is, Black Jack Speed Shop is here to ensure that you and your vehicle are ready for anything. From our wide range of wheels to lift kits specifically for our offroading, outdoorsy friends. And if you’re new to this world and are not sure which upgrades are right for your vehicle, we’ve got you too. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you in making informed decisions. 

Make sure to call us at 210-696-2121, or head over to our Contact Us pagewebsite and fill out a brief form. We’ve got what you need to make your next adventure the adventure of a lifetime!

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