How Much Does a Lift Kits Cost?

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Cost to Lift a Truck: Kits vs. Installation Costs

How much is it to lift a truck? That depends on what you want. Leveling kits and body kits range from around $100 to $500, but the effects are mostly limited to your truck’s appearance. Suspension lift kits offer more performance and off-road capabilities, and they cost around $1,000 to $5,000.

Next, the cost of installation will range from 7 to 15 hours. The team at BlackJack Speed Shop can give you a quote based on your wants and needs, so you can go into your appointment knowing what to expect. Some San Antonio drivers try to save money doing the job themselves, but for most, the stress simply isn’t worth the effort.

Choose Your Setup: Lift Kits vs. Leveling Kits

As you can see, the cost to lift a truck varies quite a bit. That’s because there are tons of different options available. Here is a basic overview of the most common lift kit categories:

  • Leveling Kits: Leveling kits offer the smallest amount of lift, usually one or two inches at most. These are a great choice if you need an extra boost to counteract heavy accessories, like winches, that weigh down your truck.
  • Lift Kits: Small lift kits can raise the truck by two to five inches, while larger versions can raise your truck over six inches. These offer more extensive changes for your truck but they are also more expensive and more complex to install.
  • Body Lift: Body lifts are a type of lift kit that raises the truck without compromising the structure of your vehicle. If you want to make room for larger tires, for example, a body lift kit is a great option.
  • Suspension Lift: The most drastic of the lift kits, the suspension lift offers much more extreme changes to the appearance and structure of your vehicle. For this reason, we recommend using only genuine OEM parts and a professional installation service for the best results.

Why Should You Pay the Cost to Lift a Truck?

Is the cost to lift a truck worth it? Here are some reasons why our experts and customers say yes!

  • Off-Road Advantage: Lift kits make off-roading easier with better ground clearance, better shock absorbers, and the opportunity for bigger tires with improved traction
  • Bolder Appearance: Lifted trucks stand out on the road with a more aggressive appearance that will turn heads all over Mesa.
  • Upgraded Suspension: When you upgrade your suspension, you’ll reduce the wear and tear that a normal suspension can’t handle. This leads to better continued performance – as well as better resale value!

Explore Lift Kits and Truck Accessories with BJSS!

There’s plenty more to explore when it comes to lift kits, and BlackJack Speed Shop is here to make your dreams become a reality. Whether you want a basic body kit or a full suspension lift, contact us to discuss your plans for the open roads ahead. Our service team can help you find just the right used truck and all the accessories you need to start your next adventure.

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